Exceptional Performance And Value From The Water Heater Experts

Named in honor of the place where brothers Richard and Donald Rheem, built a water heating empire, Richmond Brand was established in 1983. We put the best materials and workmanship into our Richmond brand to produce water heaters with exceptional performance and value. Now, we offer you better value than ever, with our all-new Richmond product line. Our comprehensive line is designed to meet all consumer needs. Products have been re-engineered to keep pace with consumer demands for larger, fast- recovery water heaters. And when you look at the value, quality, and features of Richmond Water Heater product line, you will find the perfect product for you and your family.

Fast Recovery

Ideal for “peak demand” situations when several showers may be in use, washers and dishwashers are operating, or the home has a spa. Our fast recovery models replace used hot water faster so there’s a larger supply available.

EverKleen™ Self Cleaning System (Optional)

Fights lime and sediment buildup to improve tank life and maintain peak efficiency. The EverKleen system channels water through an exclusive inlet tube, which creates a high-velocity spiraling water stream. This keeps sediment from settling into the tank, and eliminates tank “hot spots” to produce more hot water.

LIFEGUARD™ Stainless Steel Heating Elements

These elements last longer, prolong tank life, provide superior resistance to lime build-up, and resist accidental dry-fire burn-out.

Resistor Heating Elements (ON SELECTIVE MODELS)

All electric models feature our patented design which helps prolong anode rod and tank life.


For installation convenience and for added safety, Richmond water heaters come with ASME rated temperature and pressure relief valve pre-installed at the factory.

Heat Traps (OPTIONAL)

Another way to prevent stand-by heat loss, so the water heater costs less to operate.

Tank Protection

Tanks are protected by exclusive glass tank lining. Provides a tough, corrosion-resistant tank lining for long life.